Necessity is the mother of invention. It is with this thought and the problem solution of two brothers that created Mentum, whose products serve that special and discerning gentleman desiring that handsome and clean appearance while maintaining that manly and comfortable feel.  Now, you can wherever you live,  have this custom brand delivered to your home and start looking and feeling great!

It is in Carlos’s kitchen, where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and essential oils dominate the air, that we find our inspiration for new products and scents.
— Jose

The Idea

MENTUM was started by two brothers, Jose and Carlos, who had the idea of creating specialized and premium grooming products for men. Jose, the owner of a very popular Barbershop called "The Lather and Fade Shop," saw firsthand the failures of mass-produced grooming products that lacked thought and quality ingredients. He saw the need for grooming products that were personal and made of simple, expertly combined ingredients, which he knew could only come from being handcrafted and produced in small batch runs. 

Style & Quality

After searching the market for premium grooming products and continually coming up empty-handed, Jose started experimenting making beard oils, balms, and treatments. He later shared this passion with his brother, Carlos.

Carlos, who was well versed in the science of natural medicines from his grandmother and had a passion for organic and natural products, grew a fascination in the art of creating quality grooming products. Together Jose's passion for finding unique products and Carlos's keen mind for blending oils were a perfect match.

After extensive research the first batch of oils was made in Carlos's kitchen. This batch was meticulous tested (created and recreated), until it was ready to be tested on clients at Jose's barbershop. Months later, following countless revisions and positive responses from Jose's pickiest clients, it was finally selected for a production run. 

100% Handmade

To this day, all our products are handmade of the highest quality ingredients proudly realized in Carlos's kitchen, and, although our success has shrunken the space, we could not be prouder of our root; this kitchen is where we made our first batch. A new location could give us space but it could never house our memories or the dedication we place into each product.